Step4: Use SAILS BuildNGO to record RSS fingerprint data (iOS)

After using SAILS MRE to modify the render of the indoor map and upload to the cloud, you can start to use BuildNGO to collect fingerprint.

Step 1

Open BuildNGO. Tap Sign In ( If you have previously logged it will appear "START" ).


Step 2

You need to enter username and password to login SAILS cloud (only do once in first login). Note: BuildNGO with SAILS Cloud needs internet, please make sure the network connection of smart phone.


Step 3

Select the building project you want to build.


Step 4

BuildNGO will load the building project and show the map in the screen(default is the first floor), you can switch to other floor by taping top-left floor spinner. And you can pan, zoom, rotate the map.



Step 5

Use your finger to tap start (擷取.JPG)/end(擷取.JPG) point. Move the start/end point to the location you want to build. tap the "Record" to start recording. Keeping one walking step per second.



When you are walking, the left-side screen will show how many beacons are available and how many beacons are healthy. healthy means larger beacon signal power. To have a good locating performance, at least more than 4 beacons should be existed in the locating area, and at least 1-2 healthy beacons is better.


Step 6

tap "STOP" to stop the record. BuildNGO shows the route you built.



If you want to rebuild this route, you should delete this line first. you can tap on that line and the line will be red, and then tap the trash can icon to delete the line.
you can choose multiple lines to delete.



iOS BuildNGO

In iOS BuildNGO, you will have the "BT Signal Distribution" and "Locating Robustness" in right menu. BT signal distribution shows the BT signal distribution in locating area. the bigger green circle means the larger BT signal.



Locating robustness can calculate the locating accuracy. the more red color in the circle means poorer accuracy.


You can use these two functions to evaluate the locating quality and where need to add extra beacons.

Step 7

You can switch to "GO" mode to experience the locating performance.



Step 8

Repeat step 5 ~ 7 to complete the whole routes in the locating area. If the locating performance is no problem, tap 擷取.JPG to upload whole fingerprints to the cloud.



you can tap 擷取.JPG to choose another building project.

you can log out in setting menu.