Step2: Create building project in SAILS Cloud

Step 1

open the browser, link to please click the top-right "Sign in or Register" button.


Step 2

click register (skip this step if you already have an account)


After keying in the email and password then submit, the system will send a activated email.


click Activate to confirm your account.


Step 3

After login, the cloud will list your current building projects. There will be a sample project, you can learn from this project.


You can add new building project in the top of web page. Key in the building name and description and click "Add New Building", it will show the building project in the following list.


Step 4

Choose the building project you just created. then, add floor or add basement.


Step 5

click "details" will see the detailed floor info.


you can further edit it by clicking the top-right "edit" button


Step 6

please key in the floor name and description and press "update".


Step 7

upload indoor map (made by JOSM, if you don't know how to create the indoor map, please see the JOSM tutorial)and path route file(optional).


Step 8

after uploading the files, system will show the download link of map and path xml file, which represents system saved your uploaded files. If you want to create other floors, click "Building" tag.


Step 9

repeat step 4-8 to finish whole building info.