Newbie Guide: Create your first indoor LBS project

Before developing:
1. If you are going to do the indoor positioning with existing WiFi access points, you can try our Android BuildNGO first to test the locating performance. You should confirm the positioning accuracy meets your requirement. If there are only few WiFi APs in your test field, you can buy the cheapest WiFi AP to enhance locating performance.
2. The Map Render Editor only supports in Android right now. We suggest developer should prepare at least one android phone.
3. Since iOS does not support WiFi indoor positioning, you should use SAILS beacons to provide indoor positioning for iOS. You can buy our beacons on our website.


Three simple steps to create your own indoor positioning APP!

Step 1 create the map – draw the outline of your map using JOSM; then, add some colors on it using SAILS MRE.

Step 2 Upload the map and use BuildNGO to build fingerprint. FYI, you can easily build 1000 square meters Fingerprint in just 15 minutes.

Step 3 Import to SAILS SDK and start developing your APP.

To learn more detail procedure, please go back and continue to read other SOP articles. Thank you !