BuildNGO can help you to do beacon management

BuildNGO supports large-scale Beacon Management (Supports Android Only); through pairing, defining position and scanning Beacon, you can monitor the status of the beacon.
Following is the Beacon Management Instructions:
1. Open the BuildNGO Android version, load the map and click the green icon at the top right of the screen as below:


2.Then, proceed on beacon pairing. Notice the Max Hold Power should be >-45 dBm and the Confident Level should be >10dB to determine the phone is scanning the beacon near it.


3.Click" ADD" and the below image will come out. Select where you are putting the beacon and click "PLACE."
Notice: If the beacon is paired repeatedly, BuildNGO will show the position of the beacon and inform you the beacon is already registered.


4.Install the beacon accordingly. Repeat step1~4 until all beacons are installed.



5.After you have installed all the beacons, select "menu->scan beacon" to scan all the beacons.


6.At this point, your phone will detect all the beacons around. If the beacon is located, an icon will be shown on the map; if your phone failed to find the beacon, a question mark will be shown on the map (see below image).
Notice: General beacon broadcast radius is less than 20m, so you will need to make sure you are at least within 20m away from the beacon or your phone will never be able to find the beacons.


7.Please remember to click "stop scan beacons" after scanning


8.You have now completed Beacon scanning steps. In addition, you can move, delete, replace the already set beacon, you can refer to our article about how to replace Beacon.